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_______ BE-lie-VE * be-LIE ve * believe...the SHAMs for heart healing * mimi's world-7 _______

A Day * Dear. Someone...who I am 


. from far away beyond beautiful sea .

at yours BIRTHday at yours BIRTHplace at yours BIRTHtime of sunrise


BE – lie – VE 嘘を持って  be - LIE - ve 嘘と成って

Believe 信じられる様に・・・


Your loves are…

like DEEP SEA bless of love from deeper 深い心からの貴方の愛の恵を・・・

like WHITE NIGHT sleepless as brighter 麗しく輝く貴方の姿を・・・

like POLAR NIGHT peacefulness as sweeter 安らぎと甘い貴方の夢を・・・

like BLACK SKY winks so wildered 瞬きは野生的な男の貴方として・・・


like ICY DESERT 冷たく孤独な枯れた場所から、like THE RADIANCE 光輝く場所にと


美しい海の彼・方より  美海  ・・・ 愛を込めて

敦賀蓮様、久遠ヒズリ様へ _____________

Happy Birthday - Dear Someone who I am...

・ ・ ・ Dear.me

This is the moment, One of the MATRIX appear in this generation with the FATE as of this life

I should feel…

Without deplore for this fortune

This is about. . . . .

With A joy to be THE joy

I and we are gonna living in the Radiance as my FATE of the destiny. . . . .

… __________ The Destruction and The Creation of Destiny 

as the meaning of birth seal

A life lived in such multihued abundance —,

There would be flower saluting around a dry spring.

Water ―, the FALL the RAIN and the HAZE are would be shine in multihued abundance by the lights from you. . .

Look up past me toward the light of the heavens and in their simple magnificence don’t even spirits of matrix to ask of us what we do of them.

I and we wish you would be my . . .

And should be delivered like flowing fluffy seeds in the air and those are would be grown to be nobly, beautify attitude blooming around a spring.

The weathers are plucked when it is rainy and when it is sunny there will be composted, or held tightly in bouquet. If you are not having hope to doing as well and though…

I and we wish you would be my sun-shine. . .

You and /or we can only hope to be like them, serene, aware, confident, surely born of simple sun and water . . .

How many I and we can make to wish on my birthday ?

Hope and Desire _______________

Happy birthday to you with my all. . . ONE heart

BElieVE as beLIEve IN believe
From far away from beautiful sea the time in Pacific - time as you were born

From 久遠 to 蓮

・ ・ ・ 自分へ

一つの命に宿命を背負わせて 遠い記憶の中からこの瞬間に生(せい)を受けた






. . . ___________ 運命の破壊と創造

この誕生石を持ってこの時に この世に生を受けた

人生には沢山の色が溢れている ___


水 ___ 滝であり、雨であり、そして靄であって、・・・君からの光を受けるといろんな色に光を放つ








俺たちの人生には、晴れ澄み渡る心(太陽)と、強く根付き吸い上げる糧(水)の様にと望みたい・・・ ________

この誕生日に、幾つの願い事を唱えよう ?

希望と望 ___________

誕生日おめでとう・・・ 一つの心より、心を込めて


From 蓮 to 久遠

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